samedi 2 novembre 2013


If baking and decorating cakes is your passion then it is the time to try something completely amazing. For this here is a leopard cake.

To make this cake you have to divide the cake batter in three parts. The first plain part will be the largest as you have to fill some of it in a piping bag and some of it will be left for pouring. Add orange food color to the second and cacao power to the third part. Pour all three batters in separate piping bags. After that pour white batter in the cake tin upto to one half of its capacity. Then make a spiral shape with the brown batter. On its top make a spiral with orange and then top it again with brown batter. After that fill the remaining space with white batter using a piping bag. Then pour white batter on its top. Repeat the same steps twice and let the cake bake. When baked decorate it from outside with leopard pattern too. When you will cut it you will get leopard pattern inside too.

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