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5 Easy and Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are part of everyone’s face, no matter the age, gender or skin type. Blackheads are nothing but pimples that have no skin over. There are certain areas in someone’s face where blackheads are commonly found and the most popular is the nose. Nose blackheads are the hardest to get rid of-but not impossible. If you have tried to squeeze them out or even touching them harsh with your nail you know how visible they can turn. Looking close to the mirror we can all see them. If you are looking for some natural ways that not only will remove blackheads but leave your skin soft and glowing then these top 5 home remedies shall help you:
5 Easy and Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads
5 Easy and Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads
1-Milk and Nutmeg:Blackheads are more commonly found on oily skin-but the good thing of oily skin is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily-which means when you will be 50-60 years old you will still look like 40! Nutmeg will help you get rid of the extra oil and leave your skin smooth and clean.-while the lactic acid found in milk will take off all the dead cells out of your skin. This combination of these two products as you can see, does much more than just removing blackheads off your face. Make this Home Remedy part of your daily routine. Continue doing it for as long as you find it necessary.
2-Honey: There are many health benefits you can get from honey, but today we will focus on the skin benefits that honey gives you. In difference from most of the face masks made with honey, this one doesn’t require you to wet your face before applying it. If you want a high effect, choose a very sticky honey. Pour a small amount of honey into your fingers and gently start massaging the are where the blackheads are found. By doing so, the blackheads and all the dead cells will be stuck in the honey. Do this for few minutes and after wash your face good with water.
3-Egg Whites: Some people don’t like the smell of the eggs on their face but if you don’t mind that, then give it a go! Wash your face before applying it and then dry it with a clean towel. Apply the egg white all over your face and leave it there until it dries completely. It shall take about 15 minutes. After rinse it off.
4-Cosmetic Clay and Cider Vinegar: This is absolutely my favorite way of getting rid of blackheads. You don’t have to go and buy expensive cosmetic products;all you need is Clay and Cider Vinegar (Clay are herbs easily found in any herb shop). How to prepare it: In a small bowl, combine one tablespoon of clay and one with cider vinegar; Apply the mask all over your blackheads-allow this to dry for about 20 minutes then wash it off with water.
5-Toothbrush and Lemon: if all the above fails (because it depends how affected your skin is and how much of blackheads are we talking about) then just take lemon juiced and a new (unused) toothbrush and scrub your blackheads are with it. Do it softly and gently in circular motions. This method is recommended no more than once a week.

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