mardi 22 octobre 2013

Studded Flats Trends for A/W 2013

Studs and spikes have been a huge trend for jackets, jeans, bags, accessories and of course, shoes also.  Although spikes and studs become a huge trend last year, they have a long history behind. From centuries ago, to middle ages-spikes and studs have been used in the armor for protections, but nowadays there is no need for that, and we only use them for decorative purposes.
There is a long list on where spikes and studs have been placed and wore nowadays but we all know that any item can look fashionable if covered with studs. Although we all love them, not all of us can afford the latest trends-and that’s okay; nothing to feel uncomfortable about. When I was a student, I could only dream of having any fashionable item; I would always go for timeless trend so I could wear the same shoes and tops for the coming year also. But now working myself and supporting my own shopping, I love to buy fashionable items and especially shoes. But if you are a student or simply not financially stable at this moment, you can add your own spikes onto any clothing or accessories you like.
I found out that you can buy spikes and studs online for a very cheap price, and you can add them into your item very easily; you can also add them on shoes such as shown below, or you can simply go and buy a pair like this fashionable studded flats below; they are a huge trend for this autumn/winter 2013, and you should definitely have a pair!
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