vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Lower Lid Intensity Levels-6 Options

Lower lid creates a dramatic look and adds beauty to your makeup-however there are many different options when it comes to lining your lower lid.
First option: Leave it bare; don’t use anything. This is easy but not very appealing.
Second option:Simply apply mascara even on your lower lashes not only on the upper lashes.
Third option:Dotted line. Which means simply apply the black pencil on separate lines close to your lower lashes.
Forth Option:Line; fully line your lower lid by using black pencil or creamy eye shadow. Make sure the line is very close to your lashes and gently smooth it out.
Fifth Option:Smudged; this is a very dramatic look and perfect for photoshoots, party, or even daily. Make sure to smudge the black liner well so it doesn’t look fake or bad painted.
Sixth Option: Inner rimmed; When talking about dramatic makeup, all what i mentioned before are nothing compared to this one.It has a double effect by using the black pencil on the inner lower lid. Most women choose to only wear the black pencil on the inner lid most of the time but if you use it on the outside also, it creates a more intensive look. The picture below helps you achieve all these looks and more. Simply follow the picture tutorial below and you will achieve a gorgeous intense makeup.
Lower Lid Intensity Levels-6 Options
Lower Lid Intensity Levels-6 Options

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