vendredi 8 novembre 2013

Pretty as a Peacock Nails Tutorial

This nail design reminds me of a peacock and let me tell you, with the right tips, you can achieve this design in less then 4 minutes! I believe the picture tutorial below shows you exactly what you need to know and how to apply the manicure, but I think I am going to give a more detailed information on how to actually do it. Start by applying a thin layer of base coat such as shown in the first picture. You will need yellow, green and white nail polish in order to achieve this tutorial.
Apply colour lines such as shown in the picture below. Now, you can choose any colour you like but if you want the exact same result as the one in this picture then you should apply the same colours.
With a small brush “pull” the lines up such as shown in the third picture. Let it dry and that is! It’s so easy, yet not many are aware of this nail design which takes only few minutes. Give it a go and enjoy doing it.
As it is autumn/winter now, you can work with colours such as purple, red, gold, or even grey/black for a more intense result. It all depends on personal style but myself would love a combination of purple and pink; I think it would look terrific!
Pretty as a Peacock Nails Tutorial
Pretty as a Peacock Nails Tutorial

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