dimanche 10 novembre 2013

How to Apply Eyeliner Using Tape

We modernize the line of our eyeliner, light, subtle or graphic eyeliner, depending on the new trends and frames.
But the question is how to apply it without making any mistake or having different widths on your eyes. Many ways have appeared recently, the spoon trick, the credit card trick…etc.

Today we will show you a tutorial using tape which is the easiest trick and the one which gives the best match for both eyes.
We cut a piece and glue the end of the eye at the end of the eyebrow. You can make a straight line without exceeding, you can just connect your eyeliner tape by the thickness you want for the decimal point.
- We draw on the eyelid
- We put the tip to the outer corner – a little skewed -
- A line is fine-if possible-flush eyelashes
- We made ​​a point starting from the bottom lining to the end of the eyebrow.
How to Apply Eyeliner Using Tape
How to Apply Eyeliner Using Tape

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