vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Flats Shoes Trends-Autumn 2013

There’s something about flat shoes that I have always loved-I mean they are the most comfortable shoe every created. I wear flat shoes daily and even when attending a special event, deep down I wish I could just wear flats without having to worry how I looked or if flats matched with the evening dress or anything like that. But I know that High heels are a must in different occasions but  what matters most is how you dress daily.
Autumn is now here, and we all have already got shopping the latest trends and when it comes to flat shoes, I know that many are unsure to which colors to buy and which not. Although there are different flats styles you could choose from, I love the ballerina flats because are feminine and match with everything, from maxi dresses to pants.
When it comes to most popular colors, we know they change from season to season and for this autumn 2013, the best color flats to purchase are black, neutrals, gold-shimmery, purple, leopard prints, emerald green, and light peach.
There are many other colors that look as nice as the ones I mentioned above but in my opinion -and based on the most famous fashion designers collections for this autumn 2013, the pictures below are inspiration and a must have!
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