lundi 11 novembre 2013

Breathtaking Necklace Styles

Jewelry, and in particular necklaces; are one of women’s favourite items and that is because of the beauty they add to every outfit you wear. No matter how simple your top might be, by adding a necklace you give it an unique beauty.
The first necklace comes from H&M and looks absolutely stunning. I love the design but in particular the deep blue colour that reminds me the necklace of Rose from the movie “Titanic”.
The good thing when wearing black is that you can match it with every necklace colour but the second picture shows how good red necklace looks with black.
From all of the necklaces below, the Louis Vuitton one is my favourite of all. So classy and elegant that just takes my breath away. I believe the price is way higher than the H&M one, but hey, good things don’t come cheap!
Forever 21 is another brand that has very good products as you can see below and the prices are affordable by everyone.
The best way to wear a necklace is by combining it with something. Either the colour of your dress/sweater or clutch…whatever that might be. Below I have put together some of the best necklace designs for you all to get inspired and purchase the best trends!
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