mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Best Women Perfumes 2013

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils that is used to give human body a pleasant smell. Perfumes have been used since the earliest human civilizations, but only late in the 19th century perfumes got more popular and used by nearly everyone. Like most of the things, even perfume was firstly made by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamia people. The first perfume is thought to have been made by a woman, I guess that makes sense as women are more crazy about it. Although perfumes have been used for centuries now, every year new ones are being launched and we all want to have the latest perfumes. Nowadays every celebrity, model, actress are launching their own brand but still only few are worldwide recognized and today I will show you the top perfumes for this year 2013.
1-Chanel No. 5 Eau Première-is fresh smelling, light and elegant. Perfect to wear on your daily basis.
2-I like bold perfumes, which are feminine at same time and nothing can describe these two words together other than Fendi Palazzo Perfume.
 3-Gucci by Gucci-is perfect if you like the smell of pear and honey together. I love it!
Gucci Premiere Perfume
4-Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Solid Perfume: We all know the famous actress of sex and the city Sarah Jessica Parker. As I mentioned above most of actress have their own perfume line and Sarah Jessica Parker perfume is a very luxurious smelling.
best-beauty_evening asadsfdesgsb
5-Marc Jacobs Daisy: is the most popular perfume for this 2013. Women love it and that is because ruby-red grapefruit, and vanilla smell.

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