vendredi 8 novembre 2013

Sparkling Nail Tutorial

This is one of the most awesome nail tutorials you will ever see! It is very easy to do and all you need is a purple nail polish and a purple glitter one. How to do it? Actually is super easy and looks amazing. Start by applying a base coat to protect your nail. I always like applying base coat because it keeps your nails safe from all the chemicals that might destroy your nail.
Apply the purple coat afterwards in a fading way such as shown in the picture. The fading impression of this manicure is also called Ombre style which has been very popular this summer with skirts and tops. But when it comes to manicures, this style it never goes out of fashion.
After applying the purple nail polish in a fading way, then let it dry before applying the glitter nail polish. If you don’t have a purple glitter nail polish, a grey or colourless one would do fine also but of course it is best to have all the products such as required if you want to have the result such as shown below. Apply the glitter coat and apply a second coat by the end of your nails if you want to have more glitter there.
As you can see it looks great no matter then season, but in case you have seen the fashion runways then you probably have noticed how hot of a trend purple has become. This design looks great even if your nails are not that long. I like to keep my nail length medium as it makes it easier to do chores but at same time looks great with nail designs such as the one shown in the picture below. Try it and you will see by yourself.
Sparkling Nail Tutorial
Sparkling Nail Tutorial

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