lundi 11 novembre 2013

How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Full lips have become a dream to many women that don’t have them ; and that is because nowadays full lips are considered sexy and pretty. That’s why many women undertake surgical intervention to have them, however some can go really wrong and most of them don’t look natural at all. Let’s not mention the pain and the price in this.
Now you can have full sexy lips through makeup tricks. Which is easy to achieve-you just need to learn how and where to apply the proper lipstick and you will see how much of a difference this will make in your looks.
-          Avoid dark lipsticks. It’s no secret the dark lipsticks makes your lips look smaller; therefore avoid wearing any brown or dark purple lipstick if you have small lips.
-          Brush lips with a clean toothbrush and apply lip balm before adding lipstick.
-          When applying lipstick, no matter what color you apply, always make sure to apply a brighter version of that lipstick on the middle of your lips. Is kind of an ombre style which works great by making your lips look fuller and bigger
Apply these tips on your makeup daily routine and you will see how much of a difference some easy make tricks can make when it comes to having fuller looking lips
How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller
How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller 

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