samedi 9 novembre 2013

Cute Kitty Nail Tutorial

If you are a cat love then this tutorial is the perfect one for you-but even if you don’t really have any big love for cats, then is okay…simply enjoy the design and how cute it looks. I must confess that this tutorial might be one of the easiest ever, yet the cutest so far. It suits perfectly to anyone and it just takes less then few minutes to make it. Start bay applying French nail design, which means you only color the top of your nail. You can use any color you like for this, but if you want it to look girly, clean and nice then I would definitely suggest you use pink for that. Using a small brush, start painting the kitties according to the tutorial below. Now, you don’t have to be a pro painter or artist to do this. And if you do anything wrong, don’t worry; you can remove it with nail polish and do it again but I am sure there will be need for that.
In order to make the 1 kitties visible and look separated from each other, it is recommended you use black and white; after all the opposites attract. Start by painting the black cat first. Using the small brush we mentioned above, make a dot (which is meant to be the head) and then a second dot (which is meant to be the body), then add the ears and the tail and there you have it; do the same thing for the white cat. Simply cute and fun to create.Enjoy
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Cute Kitty Nail Tutorial

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