vendredi 1 novembre 2013

5 Tips To Instantly Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence is not necessarily innate. Still, Self-Esteem and a little base are essential for success and enforcing in an increasingly competitive world. I remember reading a manual to learn how to build self-confidence! made to help you get to know and love yourself more and then be confident ! To give you a taste, we selected the top 5 tips to regain more self-confidence!
1.Don’t escape the looks.
Whenever someone looks at you frankly, you look down or turn your head. Stop escape the gaze of the others! Communication doesn’t happen only through the speech! Expressions, yours and those of your partner are important. You have to look at your partner and make them know that you’re listening confidently and trying to figure out whether you’re okay or no with what they are saying. Because looking down when someone is talking to you means that you’re kind of scare of them and /or you agree with anything they are saying.

2. Create contact!
While engaging in a conversation with a stranger or even your next door neighbor this seems insurmountable for you. Tell yourself that everyone is nervous when they have to deal with someone they are not familiar with. Precisely, force yourself to create the contact instead of continually seek to avoid it. This should reassure you and help you find the best ways to build relationships. Don’t over think of what will happen, because yes! what will happen anyway? No one will get hurt! nothing will happen except for either getting a contact with a new person or learning the behavior of people around. and that’s life that’s how we meet people and make contacts.

3. Don’t imitate!
While it may sometimes be useful as a model to someone who is always confident. However, this imitation has limits. Self confidence manifests itself differently depending on personalities and the style of each person. So you can’t copy your attitude on others. Find your own way of expression to always be proud of yourself.

4. I’m the best!
Use autosuggestion! Repeat to yourself “I can do it” or “I’m the best!” Okay, positive thinking is working for less random! But it costs nothing and can be paid. Because sometimes you just need a little push to get in the winning side!

5. Have your own “thing”
I believe that discovering your talent (which everyone has hidden somewhere and need just some motivation to show it) will get you busy with your own creations and everything you’re good at, you will feel special beside being beautiful, who ever is reading this now is a beautiful person, remember that you are a creation of Allah (swt) what could be more beautiful than that? this is enough to recognize your self esteem and then your self confidence.

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