vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Quick and Easy Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

The so-popular smoky make up is classics and I believe each self-respecting woman should be able to make at least one version of it.
However although it may seem quite easy to achieve the smoky eye effect, the truth is that there are some tricks. This tutorial shows you a very easy way to do a smoky eye makeup, you just need good quality eye shadows, a few brushed to apply the makeup and of course eye liner and mascara.
Start with applying the eye shadow primer, in order to make the colours last longer and look brighter. Then use a gray coloured eye shadow over your upper eye lid and slightly above the crease, except a little part of the inner corner. Use another brush, to spread the colour on the lid and then, take a bigger brush, to apply a lighter shade between the lid and the eyebrow area. Apply the same shade in the inner corner of the eye lid, too. This will make your eyes look brighter.
To make the black line you can either use a eye liner or black eye shadow applied with a flat brush. Apply a thin line of black eye shadow in the outside corner of your bottom lid and some light shaded eye shadows in the inner corner. When it looks good, apply mascara and enjoy the evening.

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