vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Neon Yellow Eye Makeup

Neon colours are the brightest you can find; they look very trendy and fashionable but unfortunately not many women feel comfortable walking around on neon yellow eyes but I believe today I am going to change your mind! In case you have a neon yellow eyeshadow, then get ready to start using it because I hate how those gorgeous bright colours on the makeup kit never being used. Why throw it away when you can create an awesome look with it?! And if you don’t have any neon yellow eyeshadow, then go and get one. I am sure you can find them in a very cheap price because not many use them so sellers want to get rid of them by selling these colours with really cheap prices. This is very true because whenever I check eyeshadow price , the right intense colours are always cheaper! But that’s on our benefit because with my awesome tutorials you can now start using them for party’s or other events.
As you can see in the picture below, the neon yellow eye makeup is being combined with brown eyeshadow and a bit of black by the end of the eyelid and that is in order to create a bit of smokey eye in it. After creating this awesome eye makeup, then make sure to paint your lips and beige. No other colours can match this eye makeup like beige does. You can easily go for intense lipstick colours as well but it will not look good.
Apply a very simple beige lipstick and you are ready to rock the night with this neon bright eyeshadow. it looks perfect and you can wear it with a black outfit/dress.
Have fun creating this look. Simply look at the picture below and you will get inspired to create the same exact look for all your evening events.
Neon Yellow Eye Makeup
Neon Yellow Eye Makeup

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