vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Blue and White Printed Nail Design

This beautiful nail tutorial reminds me of the hourglass but is a bit more complicated than that. This tutorial below shows only nail design of the five shown below. You can either create this nail design in all over your fingers or keep the rest of your nails blue and apply this design on your ring finger. Personally I like to keep my nails simple and plain except my ring finger where I play around with colours and designs and just today I create an awesome design with a gold sand effect manicure and emerald green- but I am going to share that some other day because today we are going to focus on this gorgeous blue and white nail design. You will also need a thick brush and black nail polish.
Apply a full coat of blue nail polish and then with a thick brush create an ‘X’ with white nail polish and then fill two of the ‘x’ in with white. Let it dry for a bit and then add the black lines such as shown in thee forth and fifth picture. Although this nail design is simple and it might look plain to some, its actually super nice and elegant. Try it now and you are going to fall in love with this awesome nail tutorial like nothing you have seen before. The colours used here are perfect for spring and summer but the good thing is that you can add other matching colours that suits to the current season. Enjoy and have fun creating it!

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