vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Rainbow Striping Tape Nail Tutorial

The use of striping tape seem to have gotten a huge popularity on nail designs and that is for the simple reason that striping tape makes things way easier for you when you want to create a colourful design such as the pone shown below. Some women choose to paint their nails with small brushes but that takes ages, while striping tape does the very same thing but in less time. In order to create this awesome nail design you will need tape cut into strips, white nail, yellow, blue and purple nail polish.
1-Start by applying a full coat of white nail polish on all of your nails and after making sure the white nail polish is totally dried, gently add the striping tape such as indicated in the tutorial below (both vertically and horizontally).
2- Take all three of the other nail polishes (yellow, blue and purple) and apply it such as indicated in the tutorial below. Let it dry and slowly removed then striping tape off your nails and then apply transparent gel or top coat to finalise your nail design.
Note: you can do this design by using all different nail polish colours; just make sure the colours are in contrast with each other so you can make your nails eye-catching and fabulous! Have fun creating this super easy, stylish nail design for all different events.
Rainbow Striping Tape Nail Tutorial
Rainbow Striping Tape Nail Tutorial

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