vendredi 19 décembre 2014

How To Wear A Neck Scarf


1). Start out with your triangle grasped with both hands in front of you (don’t worry if it’s twisted, it will add to the look).
2). With the scarf in front of your neck, rap it around once so that both ends now hang in front on either side.
3). Grasp the ends and tighten so that they are long and easy to tie.
4-6). Cross the ends and pull one end under and through the loop (like you’re tying your shoes).
7). Let the ends flop down and loosen the part around your neck a little, and arrange the scarf so that the ends dangle evenly (or unevenly if you prefer).
Sometimes, I don’t loosen the part around my neck too much because I want a little space between the top and bottom part of the scarf, like in picture 6.

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