lundi 8 décembre 2014

Colorful Party

Eyes: 1. First apply Peach Smoothie by @makeupgeektv upper crease.
2. Then put Chickadee by @makeupgeektv
3. With @sigmabeauty Highlighting pencil highlight your brow bone and blend.
4. Go with a tiny amount of Cocoa Bear by @makeupgeektv and also put it in the crease.
5. After that make a base for the blue shadow mixing white and blue from the @makeupforeverofficial Flash palette to make the blue eyeshadow more vibrant.
6. With your finger apply blue eyeshadow from @bhcosmetics 2nd edition palette.
7. And bam! Just like add eyeliner. Put Trash from @urbandecaycosmetics Electric palette in inner corner.
8. And lastly go with Savage also from @urbandecaycosmetics Electric Palette on lashline. Finally line your waterline using the same highlighting pencil by @sigmabeauty


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