lundi 16 juin 2014

Double Your Eyeliner

1. Add a little black eyeliner in the crease, and in the inner corner.
And remember to BLEND! This look is created with green eyeshadow on the lid, and brown eyeshadow halfway up to the browbone, and then blended to create a softer, more natural eye.
2. Double your eyeliner.
Line your eyes with black eyeliner, and then top it with a thin strip of brightly colored eyeliner.
3. Forgo eyeshadow and instead, cross-hatch gel liner onto lids and blend for long-lasting, budge-proof coverage.
4. Apply black eyeshadow in a “whale” shape to create this winged smoky eye look.
If your eyelids tend to hood a bit at the outer corners, this eyeliner shape is more flattering than a linear cat eye.

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